Intermedia Communications

Intermedia Communications is the largest international media sales representative company in Pakistan and represents leading newspapers, magazines and periodicals from around the world.

At Intermedia Communications we make sure that advertisement reaches the targeted audience within the client’s budget without compromising on the quality of the medium (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, websites, etc).

360° Integrated Thinkers

Ideas for your brand or product that go further than just TV, print, digital and mobile. Quite simply we find the most effective outlet to solve your business problem


Digital, Mobile & Social

The Middle East is developing faster than you think. We help clients understand the benefits of deeper engagements with their target market and deliver cutting edge solutions.


Media Planning

What good is the best ad in the world if you don't have the best place to put it? Get the most exposure for your brand by utilising our prime location sites in the real world and online.


An Eye For Innovation

We're constantly looking for cool new ideas and technologies to gain an edge over the competition. Our door is always open to discuss exciting opportunities for your business.



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